Pick a person past and advise them. Think me foolish or think me wise but I’m picking me. Park my tail somewhere between the years of 15 and 18 when I finally grasped the concept of listening and I’d tell myself these things

10. Jasmine stop, labeling those bruises on your heart breaks, because the day you watch your father’s body find its place in the ground – you gone know what a real heart breaks feels like and those tears and bumps aren’t worth such an honoring title as breaking

9. Family ain’t got nothing to do with who you're related too, they actually have a whole lot more in common with your friends so pick them wisely

8. Don’t nobody owe you a thing- but you owe the earth its body back and pay day is coming so be humble

7. Quit making people your mirrors you're good enough – as is

6. Life sucks ! and I don't have a metaphor for that, just make sure you feel it and don’t bury it – sorrow taught me way more than my happiness ever could

5. There are no bad days – every day above ground is a good day but it comes with some bad moments and who you use them is up to you – use them wisely

4. Darkness is a gift and all this time you’ve just been unwrapping it wrong

3. Never doubt God. I don’t care how aggressive the darkness gets you gotta believe that He is good

2. Any man that hasn’t made his intentions with you verbally clear – treat him like a homie – cuz he’s nothing but a friend

1.    The day you stop pleasing God and start to please people you are no longer a servant of Christ.  

Any fear that you have is irrational I dare you to be fearless