I have a new found passion for plants, they fascinate me. They are forgiving and quick to go from fading life to a new vibrancy. There care is simple the only requirement is consistency and pay attention. Not this over bearing paranoid attention but take notice. They are constantly communicating their needs, their changes, are subtle, their growth delicate. If you don’t pay attention you will come home one day and look at this plant and think when did these changes occur whether leaning towards life or death. Though they were happening, right there the whole time you simply didn’t take notice.

I was told while plant shopping to;

"Buy small, grow strong." 

I was introduced to the importance of being knowledgable in the care of the plants I choose, water and light are not one size fits all, some require more and some less. As you know this is no longer about plants. Know you and know what you need. Know those you love and know that they need. 

Sometimes we can be so eager for growth and change that we neglect what is needed, we make changes that we think will create growth, life is full of situations that will force us to face the areas where we need to grow. Give it time don't rush the processes you might be in the position that is needed for you at this time.

This is my story; I was planted in this “pot” to stick with the analogy. There were mornings when I found myself wilting, my joy was dropping dehydrated of a life giving substance. I was not consistent in the care that I needed to flourish. I stopped taking notice of myself. I was busy about the day offering my eyes to all things minus me. Not in a selfish sense, not in a “protect your space” kick everyone is on these days. In a “how are you” sense. I was wilting and didn’t notice until my leaves were brown and the need for pruning was undeniable.

Take notice

But what where those subtle signs?

Did I stay in a pot that I had out grown?

Pots are metaphorical for emotions, relationships, situations, habits, sins. . .  you get the image?

I was over due for a repotting.

On the other end of the spectrum I too found myself, handling situations differently, with more grace and vulnerability, I was softer, easily hurt in ways I was numb to years ago. Who was this woman planted in this body I thought was mine? It was as though my leaves were full and overflowing and I hadn’t noticed the growth taking place in me. I believe that the Lord is an intentional gardener and though I miss the signs His eye is always on me, and the way the flowers of the field receive the rain he waters me in ways I couldn’t fathom, through conversations with loved ones, through a good laugh or the sunshine and spring. I find my self in seasons of full bloom to which I can only accredit His grace because I hadn’t even notice the care I was given or the care I needed.


I find myself imitating the plants after a good watering and sun how quickly I bounce back when life rehydrates those fading leaves

There are moments when I don’t fully recognize the women residing in my body. As if I have been repotted. I am learning to simply “take notice” not only of myself but those around me. I am noticing the signs that we are subconsciously giving off. Be aware of growth and the signs to be rehydrated. Don't fight the pruning and embrace the cramp space that are signals for repotting. 

Happy growing. 

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