What's on your playlist?

I think music has a way of communicating the things that we struggle to say but we feel and experience perfectly. Here are a few songs that I believe most accurately articulate how I have felt, how I feel. I know growing up in the church everybody has their opinion music that is written for God and by His people but I think some of God's people need to write about human  experiences. Show me your playlist and I can listen to your hear. 

1.  Kiana Lede; one of them days 

"today let me sit in my sorrow, promise I'll be better tomorrow, the one that you love hasn't changed"

We all have those days, where things aren't okay and that is okay. People don't always respect that and this song I think speaks to that accurately. We rush people to be happy and get over it but I thank God for friends who tell me to cry just as much as they tell me to smile. 



2. Title; Xavier Omar

"baby what do you say I'm worth, what are we IF you can't put a name on it. I don't want it all. - no one fights to be the number 1 contender forever I want the title"

We have all found ourselves in those "situationships" where you have no clue what's really happening. Lemme tell you how much I loathe those situations, I detest them, hate just doesn't seem strong enough. Maybe it's my age and how it keeps getting higher where I find myself saying label it or leave it alone. Allot of us are to old for the whole "we will act like we are together but not say it. Like the word "relationship" is Voldemort from Harry Potter. 




3. my brothers and I ; scars

"they say time heals all wounds I don't agree every wound leaves a scar there all over me "

I appreciate this song and Id on't remember how or where I came across it. I brings comfort to the fact at some point we are all lost and we are never alone in our struggle, even when it feels like it. It's we are all alone together. In on odd way that makes it better. This is probably one of my favorite songs. You can smell the humanity in it the lyrics. We are all scared and we al need to carry on. 




4. JohnnySwim ; Let it Matter

"I don't feel better I don't want feel good I want to feel it hurt like losing someone should. I'm gonna let my heart break I'm gonna let it burn. 

This song has the passion of being hurt. The burn and the sting of it, they remind that if it mattered than let it matter. This song I feel is teaching us how to heal. Healing comes through feeling it there is no other way around it. I think we glorify not letting things get to us or not caring about things but that robs us of properly healing. Let it burn and let it matter so you can heal from it. She says in "

They say you know it ain't easy
I wouldn't want it to be
Cause ease is for the shallow
But we were from the deep

I don't want no distractions
Don't try to please me for one day
You are worth the joy my love,
you are worth the pain"

if you don't et it matter you can't let it go. 

5. Rachel Kerr; I will love me 

"Ive waited too long to be here with mediocre I'm a good woman and it's time you saw I've given too much just to be your any lover But your heart ain't here that's what I fear"

This songs makes me think of standards the ones we set for ourselves and the ones we lower for others to love us. She asks questions in this songs. If you I have your body but your heart isn't here than what's the point? She gets to a point like if you can't love me it's cool because I can and better yet HE can. It communicates to me that there is no need to settle. 

This is my tiny lies of songs that I appreciate If you are a lover of words like I am the lyrics stick out tremendously and sometimes it's hard to find songs that I can fully relate too so here is a few. ENJOY 

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