believe in your vision

It is a goal of mine to become a creative entrepreneur. I have fully committed to making this a reality. The journey though it has been short has been full of trial and error. Here are a few things that I have learned along the way.


            Everybody can’t see your vision and it isn’t your job to simplify it for them. And the way to achieve them may not be traditional, easy, or obvious. You DEFINiTELY  don’t have to go about it in the same way that everybody else has. Believe in your vision. Commit to your vision. See it through. 


            Don’t fear failure and don’t avoid mistakes.  You don’t have to compromise your dreams in order to achieve them. Think outside the box and do not wait for anybody’s approval or permission to be great.


            In some cases, you won’t find the place that you fit you must make your own place and make it your own. It will take making a million mistakes and constantly fighting the urge to quit. It's okay to go about things differently. Let people talk. A persons opinion has the ability to affect you when you value it. Whose opinions are you valuing? 

Reach out to those whom you can trust and ask as many questions as you can. Do no be stingy with information. This is not a competition remember you made your own lane.


            Some people will support you and some people won’t. You will lose energy worrying over who is not supporting you. It is a completely waste of a post in my opinion, to spend time on that. Either they will support you or they wont Be thankful for those who have your back it save you worries and give your mind some peace.  People who see your vision will find their way to you. Some of us are keeping tabs on our "hater' but make sure you have room for your supporters. 


Do not limit yourself with all that you are able to do. Do not accept the limits that others have placed on you. Go for it. What do you have to lose? Go for it. Be looked at oddly. Mix things up. Ruffle some feathers. Have some fun with your dreams and visions. Break some rules. They will tell you that you can't. They will know all the issues but have no solutions. They will ask "who do you think you are?". They will laugh at you. But honestly. Who cares? and if you do why do you care ?


You don’t know where somebody else is in their journey and honestly are you really that sure where you are on your journey? Comparison is a distraction and can cause you to lose sight of your goal. Look at the accomplishments no matter the size celebrate them. 

I don't know how long this journey will be until I am living out my passions full time but I am sure this list of lessons will only grow. Make a plan follow that plan. Don't be afraid to deviate from that plan if need be. There is no "how to" for this thing. I have figured it out on the way. I've wasted some money and I've learned some tricks. I've tried to quit (I'm bad at quitting). It has been an emotional rollercoaster, one that I wouldn't trade for a thing. 


jasmine sims