I know it's your fault they keep pestering me about my heart and her concerns

See I know you prayed for a man who can tuck me in his prayers at night

I know you asked God to send me a man who can tame my rebel ways

But daddy you were the last of a dying breed

This is a Lazarus of a man you prayed for me

Still they beckon my standards lowered

You went before a God who opened his palms at the sound of your knees before His throne

Were you aware that you were rare?

There aren't many men like you these days 

But I am yet to see a man

Ask a weight to lower his value so he could be given a chance at it

But I have seen many a man

Do the work to get his weight up to get that weight up

They still missing the point daddy

Tell me . . .

Who is worthy to give me away now?

Who is my measure of a man without you here daddy?

These days don't feel the same without you here

Llike my umbrella was torn from these hands

These 5 year old hands

Misplaced on this woman's body

I was your late bloomer daddy

born to soon and I am still catching up

daddy these days they don't feel the same without you . . . here

jasmine simsComment