Pastor's Daughter

Let's be clear I love the Lord, and His church is not always a proper representation of who He is. I grew up in the church watching my parents pastor a congregation and they were the good kind. Ya know the kind who don't steal your money or don't care about what is being taught. They visited the members, went to their kids soccer games, cried with them at the pains of life, prayed for them by name, I told you they were the good kind. Still that life has solidified a few things for me. 1 Pastor's wife  is a calling ! And I don't want it. I don't have it !!! lol I'm serious though. If that person is you I applaud you !! 2. I love the the Lord and I will follow Him all the days of my life. My mother is amazing and sometimes ppeople think I am a younger version of her. She is modest, gentle and soft spoken (at times). 

If you are looking for your typical church girl SHE AIN'T HERE !!! Who you will find is a wild child, who loves jokes and pushing boundaries and finds joy in ruffling feathers. She knows the word and lIves to please God and her conscious is clear. That is the church girl you will find here

~Pastor's Daughter ~

Somewhere between rebel and pastors wife

She is a run in first lady's stockings

Too much bible for the wild boys

Too much wild fire for the choir boys

Want to drown her in church hat


Swaddle her in fabric

Think that Cotton is holy died sanctified Guaranteed

But that smell like plantation gospel

She's the cracked pane in their stained glass


Daddy bred scriptures in her blood

Let me loosen up that tie boy

Redemption coming by holy fire