Any fear that I have as a child of God is irrational. Though I am human and my emotions come without invitation. The act of feeling fear is not one that can be controlled but the act of inviting it in and accepting it is a decision we make. What brings those feelings for me? I guess I can share them. Motherhood. . . yeah probably pretty high on that list. Being fully known and loved ( I will tell you a secret I am way more sensitive and emotional than I let on shhhhhhh don’t tell).

Giving into fear is an open door to regret.

 I am also stubborn but when it comes to fear, stubbornness is a lovely quality. I refuse to give anything the power to inhibit me. I ain’t no punk!! (that’s a joke, kind of). Giving into fear is an open door to regret. I just published my first Children’s book and guess what I found after I ordered 30 of them for a book fair? A typo!! I could have cried but hey it is what it is a mistake. That is life we are going to scrape our knees and fall flat on our faces and make fools of ourselves but we can’t allow fear to be an excuse to excuse us from our passions and goals. (see what I did there?) Fear is an excuse and just like 99.9% of excuses it is invalid.


I am not saying that deciding to live a fearless life means you wont feel fear. I am saying do it anyway! Acknowledge it and push through it and eventually you will live with less fear than you use to and before you know it, if fear still comes along for the ride it will be riding shot gun instead of you. I am learning that people also have big issues with fear and other people. We are literally all made of the same stuff, dirt. Why are we letting people intimidate us and cause us to deny ourselves our own dreams? Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Because it is. We can just go for it and JUMP and enjoy the adventure of figuring it all out as we go and learn things that can only be learned hands on with no experience.

Invest your energy in your hustle and your craft.

There will always be critics who are really good at running their mouth and complaining but people only have power over you if you give it to them. Invest your energy in your hustle and your craft. I don’t even allow myself to acknowledge the “haters” I simply don’t understand the purpose of that and no one has been able to give me a good enough reason. But we are here to talk about fear right. I think fear is overrated it is a mental thing. If we focus on the fear it becomes tangible it has power, if we focus on the task at hand that becomes tangible and it is able to be accomplished. That feeling when it is all said and done and you did it, that feeling is worth every ounce of fear you had to battle to make it through. I was sooo nervous about starting my vlog I had a million excuses why I shouldn't start one. None of them were valid and held up against my stubborn resolve, yea I argue with myself so do you it's okay.  But I did it !! and I am so glad that I did. Do i Have things to work on? a whole heap !! but if I wait for perfection until I made a move I wouldn't take a single step. You've got something that people around you need you've got a dream that is sitting there feeling like Pinocchio . . . get it? your dream wants to be real boy (lol !!! I thought that was hilarious). It helps that I don't take myself so seriously. I am able to laugh at myself because let's face it, we are going to do some pretty dumb things in this life and we have got to go with the flow sometimes. Crack a smile and keep it moving. I sincerely wish you the best of luck on your journey of less fear. The rewards will be sweet and the benefits plenteous.  



Feel the fear but do it anyway.