Social Media Trends I don't get


I am a fan of social media and with anything, wisdom is always a necessity. These are just things I am curious about, don’t take it too seriously ;)  
I also find it interesting how certain people receive a pass because of relationship or let’s be honest if we are attracted to them or not it’s human nature don’t act shocked. 
Anyways here is my list of Social Media Pet Peeves and Obsessions 


1. Those minute long clips of random awesomeness Animal videos - Blowing glass- hilarious clips - I lose sleep over these videos and I end up working on projects during odd hours of the night and I blame these videos OMG my personal fave is the panda


2. Ideas - from cooking (I have like a million videos saved and I've tried like 5 things but hey, what's the rush the only mouth I'm feeding is mine HA!) 


3. Positivity - I looooove how people are trying to spread love and good vibes around in the world that we live in. I am all for social justice and bringing awareness where it needs to be but I believe balance is needed. 


4. keep in touch or just being nosey in friends lives . . . yea strangers too 

5. It's great for business 

6 it is so easy to block out the noise or things you'd rather not see -  I just click see less of (insert name)'s post and voila peace on the timeline 





1.    The assumption that because I put it on social media I want to know if you disagree with me and why  - nope just posting to post sometimes
2.    When you like a ridiculous amount of my pics in a row are you expecting a response? Like fa real? 
3.    I am still trying to figure out how I feel about DM’s I mean I have benefited from it in a professional sense but I also don’t like how easily accessible it makes me. It’s like everybody and their momma has my number now. 
4.    You don’t know me. I don’t care how frequently I post, I transparent I am in my post, that does not create this relationship between us. I believe some people feel that way and they believe they have the freedom to make certain comments and send messages and wonder why they aren’t well received. Delivery matters.  
5.    Some of ya’ll are really mean. Like the captions and comments, I’ve read on other peoples post and celebrities and strangers. Talk about sticks and stones. 
6.    When people comment under pictures and post and it has nothing to do with the post. Now this is normally like that Aunty who isn’t tech savvy
7.    Is it just me or does it seem like friend request come by the dozens? Why is this? How is this?
8.    Ohhhh and there is nothing like a hater who takes the time to read or watch the whole post and then writes an essay on how they feel about it heheheh
9.    Now you won’t catch me in a comment sections snare but I will read those things like a novel whose with me ???? 
11. okay the last one, I think --- but when you're all excited to stalk somebody's page and they are all secretive about heir life B0OOOOOO  I am also the worst Social Media Stalker ever I feel like they know I am on their page so I will last like 10 seconds and punk out. 


I love social media and the world that it has opened to us. Use it wisely and don’t take yourself so seriously. If you need take a break when you need one. Don't fall into the trap of comparison we are all a mess anyways. 

What are your loves and hates of the social media world?