Don't Date a Poet

She's lovely isn't she?
A haunted cliche
She stared off into space
Like when she's with you she is also lightyears away

She will make metaphors of your melanin
Pull gold from the dust of your flaws
Make fangs of your pet peeves train them to beast in 2 stanzas

Insomnia is her other lover
Her mind is a green room developing the film of reality and analogy
Double exposure

She will drown you in her depth
 love her deep
smile and nod when your lost
She feels ....everything inside of her bones
There's burning coal in the core of her

These stages are closets
She's body, no skin
A hanging skeleton of honesty dangling from the ears of listeners
Find her between the lines

Your relationships sits in pages waiting to sift into simile
Sometimes she'll be more truthful with you in the heat of stage lights
Or the bindings of spiral notebooks

You won't be able to comfort her correctly
You'll get lost in the dust she uses to explain how she feels
Raging bull, you're a lose metador
Impaled on words 

Plain speech can't always express the complexities of her

if she tells you she is simple just stare blankly
she's deceived

She's watching you
Through an off pair of lenses
You're a work of art in this gallery
Beauty or Horror her pen will decide

Her mind is a collapsing avalanche
A vortex of paradigm

Chose your words wisely and with caution
Ill placed words will haunt her
Time fails at healing wounds when she bleeds on microphones the same cuts from 4th grade bullies

If you've never learned how to love a tornado
Then don't fall for a poet

She will however write you legendary
Kiss fantasy into every conversation
Leave you in awe call it mystery but you'll both know you're just confused


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