No Disclaimers EP

It has been a long time coming and it is so close that I can literally hear the whole project. 

So why No Disclaimers ??

I believe that the majority of people spend so much time wanting to be who they are with no apologies but we find our selves explaining away who we are. We have reasons for why we do what we do to soften the blow of all that we are. I am hanging mine up on the shelf. 

Especially for those of the christian faith. Our faith turns into strait jackets because we are trying to fit into some cookie cutter for what we are suppose to look like and sound like. God isn't making robots He saves individuals. Individuals who He has intentionally created I wont explain the mystery of me away. Here I am period. No Disclaimers 

No apologies . No regrets. 

I pray that this project will encourage us all to live that way. Release the weights.



jasmine sims