Catch the Clock

Passion is a stubborn necked dream you are hell bent on fulfilling. Your mind is a bottomless pit of ideas, concepts and methods. The big picture is so fresh you can feel it. BUT. You just press pause for a minute and look I mean really look around. You can probably give yourself many reasons that seem valued for why you should take the dream, that relationship, or that goal and put it on the shelf. I did and I am convinced untouched dreams become nightmares and they haunt you. The lesson?




Feel inadequate?

You don’t have enough resources?

Things are crazy in your life?

You’re scared?




Life is literally passing you by. Every second every minute every year. Time doesn’t stop. If you’re waiting for the perfect time to be with that person or go for that opportunity. You are fooling yourself. Waiting for all of your ducks to be in a row? Then get comfortable you might be waiting allot longer than you plan.


I put my books on hold, because I was feeling insecure and I felt like I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know where to go for help. I have never published a book. It’s hard. But if I never make a move it will always be hard, I will never know what to do do and I’ll never publish a book.


Every single person on this is planet is broken in some form so who cares what someone else thinks or what they have to say. I will not be sitting n a rocking chair with grey locks (they well be bomb tho!!) wondering about my regrets and playing the what if game.


Where God calls you He equips and whom He calls He prepares. No matter what it is or how small or big you think it is.


I cannot stand when someone I know is sitting on their talent or laying in a bed of regret. We do ourselves and those around us a major disservice.


So why write this now? Today. With all of the mess going on in the world today? Exactly


TROUGH IT ALL do what you think you are being led to do. If it isn’t right God will shut the door.


“It’s easier to steer a moving ship than one stuck in harbor.”


I don’t know about you but I will not settle for survival I will LIVE a life that scares me and shocks me.

To all of the times I have heard the comments


I want to….

I wish I did…

I wish I could…

I’ve always wondered

I’ve always wanted to


!! GO FOR IT !!


What are you waiting for?

Life is moving quickly and we better catch the pace or be ready to face the regret