14 reasons why I hate dating


14 reasons why

I am not a fan of dating and I know you can relate !! enjoy

I hate dating probably as much as I hate oatmeal cookies. I have no idea what's going on half the time and I don't know how everybody else found out what was going on. Clearly I missed a memo or a book release or something. Anyways I hope you enjoy my fun 12 reasons why I am not fan of the dating game. 

1.     It seems like no one wants to decide what happens they want to sit on the side lines and see where it goes. What the heck is "it"? Is "it" us? Are we seeing where we go? Or am I the only person who is irked tremendously by this phrase?

2.     The flip side are the ones who have been “watching” you. I get it I do and I understand but telling a girl that can sometimes freak her out a bit. Okay okay it freaks me out. Just keep that part a secret kay.

3.     It’s hardly ever mutual. Like those awkward love triangle, you see in movies, where Tiffany is feeling Marcus but Marcus ain’t interested but then John over here is like head over hills for Tiff Tiff but Tiff Tiff is busy trying to drop mad hints to Marcus.

4.     You have to constantly align actions and words because they can tell 2 different stories. Like sometimes it really doesn’t matter what the actions are if those lips haven’t said the same thing. 

5.     I don’t know how to play it cool or all of the other things that are required for the dating game. They say you have to fall back but then I just lose interest altogether. They say "don’t let him know you’re upset" but the way my face is set up. My poker face is shot.  Like just tell me what’s up? Am I about to waste my time or are we going to adult this thing and use our words? This meme is pretty much how feel when they realize you're not about to chase them then they reappear talking bout some "hey stranger" 

6.     No one knows what their doing or how this thing is really suppose to look. Which makes an arrange marriage really appealing sometimes.

7.     What if he is crazy? Or your crazy reaches it’s full potential then what ???? exactly

8.     People are comfortable in this un named, un-official official relationship thingys and I’m over here like “is you bae or naw”? The whole let’s act like we are together but when things tough I can bail out because we didn’t commit to anything remember?

9.  The obvious what if we invest all of this time and all of this emotion in something that will just fade to a heart ache of the past. 

10. Pre-mature feels. When you caught the feels and you're waiting for him to feel the rain drops so you can't get mad at certain stuff because you're not official? but you're just "talking" see I am already confused. 

11. Basic communication becomes rocket science. Who sent the last message? Is it acceptable to double text? Or my speciality, I'm tired of always initiating conversation so I'm going to stop . . . 4 weeks later jokes on me LOL guess I proved a point ... to myself smh 

12.  mixed signals or a heart that's cock eyed so you don't really know what you are looking at like is he feeling me or is he just nice and I'm looking through my feelings ?? This might be my biggest issue LOL 


13.  I already have enough struggle getting to know people as merely acquaintances so the struggle is real ya feel me and when it comes to dudes my best friend can attest I turn into the biggest punk !! like tell him I like for me because I’m scared

14. Differing definitions of dating. If we don't what the other's definitions of dating is we just make a mess of our selves and hurt each other or one of us gets hurt more than the other. Dating is not a hobby for me. I date with the purpose to marry anything else is friendship and kicking it. For me- ain't nothing casual about heart and affections and wasting time. 

But in all seriousness if you hate dating like I do . . . I don’t have any advice for you LOL !!

jk jk

Keep your standards and keep your morals, and hey, if Mr. Right is out there he will do the work to be with you. Don’t you dare settle, you are worth being fought for and every scar along the road.  Know that and believe it. Don't sweat it honey just be you and those who appreciate it will make it known. There is nothing wrong with you. But don't trip one day we will call each other and we will be married and probably a little confused how we got there ;)


Happy Clumsy Dating

Sincerely Jasmine 

They wouldn't let me add my memes in the blog so here you go ;)