ode to father

I will never paint pictures of you in the color of absentee.

You are present.

Feel the thunder of your awakening.

See it coursing in veins of offspring.

Teach me that man means human.

Man mean feeling.

Eyes willingly broken levees.

Show me man’s knees know bow to prayer.

Know humility no fear in asking for help.

Teach me that black is a magical type of light.

Emulate black father extends past the limits of D.N.A Your blood may not be in their veins but their manhood gives you credit.

Black man be pillar.

I wont dumpster dive in broken boys trapped in men’s bodies hoping to find my worth.

You prayed it into my bones.

I wont beg the media for examples of real love in melanin kissed skin it was living art in my home.

Witnessed your refuge of marriage weather the storms.

Heard your soul anchor itself to scripture.

Though black man know fear he is no keen to it.

I will paint pictures of you in the color of loyalty

The scent of faithful.

The texture of perseverance.


For my father.

For the black husbands, fathers, mentors.