Don't sleep walk through your dreams

For the artist, the business folks, the big dreamers, dream chasers, the goal setters 

I know what it’s like to have dreams and desires that seem infeasible, when you look at your finances and the lack of physical support. Our family and friends mean well but being a fan and a supporter are 2 different things.

If i had to supply a definition  to these words I'd' say;

Supporter; provides assistance, to reach a desired goal, a supporter helps make something happen

Fan; after the goal has been reached or the projected complete they enjoy the work, they go to the event and they always love a deal 

We must support one another as well, if you understand how important support is from personal experience let's chip in to relieve the burden from others. Buy full price, give honest critique, pay your artist friends favors are one thing but taking advantage of someone is a different ball game. 

 I understand the overwhelming urge to toss your dreams aside. I get it, when you grow frustrated with your limits because you can’t do everything. Needing people seems to more often than not to leave you in a ditch . . . I’m still wondering if people will just tell me "no I can’t do that" or will they leave me in a waiting game in this limbo of will they come through or not. I know the bitter flavor of pride that we refuse to swallow so we chew on it leaving cavities in our artistic endeavors. You’d be surprised at who chips in and who doesn’t but we can’t stop and we grow cold and calloused. I’ve seen my numbness create a Frankenstein in my journal and i've learned it's not worth making a carcass of our art 

We do it for the people but nor for the people. You get it?

The frustrations and disappointment act as a gym. . . we don’t go to the gym to sit on the equipment and grieve over our situations, we work, we grind, we press.

Be faithful with where you are and what you have. If the best you can do is a webcam then find your fanciest sheet make it a back drop and give us art, if your office is a wobbly table and a flickering desk lamp get s table cloth and carry yourself like a CEO, if you have to turn your living room into a boutique than order a nice sign and toss it on the lawn.  Art and brilliance  sometimes begins in the gutter before the fancy buildings and technology people did it and were great at it. We are made of the same stuff.

I am in no way saying that we are victims or helpless. i am saying you are not alone. i get it. i understand. Keep going. 

Don’t be bashful when you go to your father in prayer His goals for you are far greater and His resources are endless ask big and believe hard 

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