Dear Olivia Pope

What kind of women do we want to be? Do you want to fear the Lord and walk with dignity and wisdom? Do we mis handle our feminine charm? Do we admire power and manipulation in an attempt to gain what we want? 

All of these questions plagued my mind in watching the show scandal. I must admit I am guilty of staring wide eyed at the way Olivia would handle people and cover situations up. The more I looked at her I began to understand why we as women would envy her. She is beautiful, she is desirable, intelligent and if you needed something done; you call her. Don't we want to be wanted, admired ? 

It was even hard to tell if Olivia had Fitz by the reins or vice versa and it is a futile debate. They both were slaves to their lustful flesh, We would applaud at their affair wishing for them to be with one another. I cannot deny the brilliant writing of such a show. The ability to takes something so disgusting as adultery and "masquerade it as fairytale" we find our hears being pulled in the direction of sin so easily and we are quickly entertained. As i strive to be a woman of integrity and dignity Olivia Pope is not someone i find admirable. I work with youth and to hear the young girls speak of her in such a high regard would cause my heart to ache for my sisters and their blindness of what they are worth . 

I encourage women to take a good look at the women we are and how women are portrayed. Who do the young girls in our lives look up to and admire and why? 

 I am not bashing the show nor Olivia I am simply urging that as we engage our minds we never turn them off.

This poem was written from a place of frustration and heart ache. As women let us recognize our worth and our value and that we are made in the image of God. Do not be easily swayed by the deceit and manipulation. Let our hearts desire morality and dignity.