Every Eve

What is Every Eve ?

Every Eve.

Every Eve is a show put on by myself, Jamaica West and Joy Stokes 2 amazing artist I  highly recommend !! Every Eve shows will all have its own theme. Our first show was on womanhood, the joys and trials. Hence the name "Every Eve". Our second show soon to be upon us is a Social Justice Rally. Our shows are raw and so much more than just fancy words for snaps. It's a movement and a launching pad for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, its real issues its our lives and its really good art ;) 

How it all started.

It started off in Facebook messenger as half of a joke and the more we "jokingly" discussed the event the more serious it became. With 2 weeks of decision making, show prep, promo, writing, memorizing and scrambling for mic the day of the show; we put on our first Every Eve show and went on very smoothly for our first short notice show ! 


Why Every Eve?

We are 3 black women with 3 different up bringing and perspectives on life and we all are believers in Jesus Christ and through addressing different issues our views are brought out. The name every Eve can carry several meanings. The name Eve from the first woman which carries it's own perspective of sin and redemption, Every Eve is a show for every person and issues and situation that has some point fallen. In attending one of our shows we will show the fall and redemption through the poems that we share. God's grace and mercy are continuously new. In a nut shell Every Eve is a tale of redemption in every situation.