what is it ?

J.S creative is your blank canvas and your private journal. Writing is a form of self care and character building. The workshops of J.S Creative will provide emotional therapy as they help in the creative writing process.  These workshops are open to all styles and purposes of writing.   They will also build confidence in public speaking as participants are encouraged to share their writings. If you are an accomplished writer or a novice, the services of J.S Creative are sure to benefit you.  J.S Creative offers a platform for writers and performers to receive feed back on their work. The hope of J.S Creative is to build a community of creative minded people who will develop and work on their craft.

The Services of J.S Creative

Write Track

Elementary and up

A 2 hour workshop and writing session. I will be walking through prompts and exercising to assist with the writing process.

Public Speaking

Elementary and up

A workshop to help ease the fear of public speaking with techniques and exercises.

Artist Mentoring

14 and up

J.S Creative mentoring is to walk with someone as they pursue writing and performing for support and assistance.

Spoken Word Workshops


Elementary and up

These workshops will focus on the performance of poetry and writing for that style.

J.S Creative Showcase

Elementary and up

Events and open mics that are open for the public but the participants of J.S Creative are encouraged to be a part and the mentees will be a part of the planning.

for more information email jasminesimsboooking@gmail.com