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“Women have incredible intuition. Unfortunately we are not always very good at following it because we often chalk it down to emotions which is another beautiful God given gift we like to play down as weak when it is in fact, what makes us strong. Our emotions help us to truly empathize with others. They keep us humble and in a posture of prayer.”


Dominique Perry

Dominique Perry

My name is Dominique Perry. I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist and professional model, I am a newlywed and a homeowner as of September 2016, I am also an action movie lover and professional photo bomber, but most of all I am just a sinner saved by Grace. I have two ultimate goals in life and that is to love God with all my heart and to love others as I love myself.

My short term goal is to begin discipline, I am currently taking a Discipleship course to become more equipped, it ends December 13th, 2016. And my long term goal is to continue to live out having Faith > fear. I started a ministry called Faith > fear where I share my journey, my convictions and the things I study in my alone time with God openly to those who follow with the hopes of them finding a closer relationship with Christ.

Dominque is the brains behind Faith>Fear. The beautiful thing about her journey and her faith is that she has become fearless. Many people dream of living this life without fear and she is able to do it below she shares the story of Faith>Fear.

“ I remember sitting with a friend and we were talking about the crazy radical faith I had gotten once I came to know Christ. I remember not being afraid of anything at all because of my mom sharing with me Luke 10:19. "God has given you the authority to trample over snakes and scorpions and the power to overcome the enemy. Nothing will harm you". Reading that scripture encouraged me SO much to be fearless in all ways and as I began to pursue God over sin, the time I spent studying the word I began to share it with my friends who were interested via email. It was only about 3 friends lol but then they began to tell their friends, I opened the emails up to more friends and family and next thing I knew I had over 100 people wanting to follow my journey of having radical belief in God. The friend I was sitting with suggested I call my journey, Faith greater than fear, that's when Faithfear.com was birthed. It's truly more than just a website someone goes to for encouragement, it's me sharing my life of having great faith and how it's only through Jesus Christ our Savior I'm able to conquer fears. “

I can’t imagine the pressure of being in the model industry. All I know is what I have seen on America’s Next Top Model ha !! I admire Dominque’s ability to maintain her standards. She shares that she once found her worth in accomplishment. She is not a competitive person so “staying in her lane” has not been a challenge for her.

"After being impacted by Gods unchanging love all those things such as having a college degree, etc became FAR meaningless in comparison.”

One of the struggles that Dominique shares is that of a growing Christian. She was one month deep into her new faith when she met her soon to be husband. Her husband was a believer for 10 years at this time. 10 months later she was introduced to his friends and church family who were mature in their faith. She began to think to her self that she was nothing like them. She soon realized that was not a healthy mentality.

“I removed myself from looking to other Christians as examples I sought primarily Christ for that example.”

” Look to Christ as an example, not just His followers. It's so easy for society and media to tell me who I am. I had to find my identity in something anchored, something constant, something everlasting especially in the fashion industry. True beauty emanates from a woman who boldly and shamelessly knows who she is in Christ, I believe that should be everyone's ambition.”

When asked what a woman should look like in her opinion she shares that;  “The way a woman loves and her fearlessness is what sets a woman apart. A woman of honor reminds me of Proverbs 31:25 "She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future."

Dominique was blessed to have a wonderful sister. Her sister has lived a life of purity, saving herself until marriage and her first kiss with her husband was at the alter!! She is a missionary in Capetown South Africa. Dominque had a tangible example of what it looks like to be a woman with a relationship with Christ.

“Even as a teenager before I knew Christ I remember her loving on me unconditionally even when I had nothing but unexplainable hatred towards her. Her example was impacting me without me even realizing it.”

These words are a testament to the strength of true and genuine love for one another. Dominque shares her advice for women who may struggle with insecurity. She loves to read Matthew 4:1-11. I will let her powerful words speak for themselves and I hope it encourages as it did me.

“ You can see that our amazing Jesus was actually put through temptations [knowing that He was tempted is what made Him human to me]. Satan was seeking to put doubt and unbelief into the mind of Jesus and tempt Him to do things in His own power when He was weak from fasting, etc. But instead of Jesus falling into sin, He fought the strategies of the enemy with scripture! Satan twisted scripture to tempt Jesus, while Jesus conquered Satan with the truth of scriptures. I apply this to every area of my life. Fear and insecurity usually comes from believing the subtle whispers of the enemy and my best advice is to battle lies with the truth. Seek the truth in scripture about yourself. You are fully capable of taking a stand against the enemies schemes [Ephesians 6:11]”

When Dominique is faced with fear she says she "feels the fear but proceeds anyway".

“An example of that is skydiving! To jump out of a perfectly working plane I thought people were out of their MIND. You couldn't convince me otherwise but in 2014 I conquered that fear. It was when I met my now husband for the first time in person. I was dared to go but I also figured if I could conquer the #1 thing on my list that I'm most afraid of [which was skydiving], I can easily do #2, and so on. So I first acknowledge there is a fear and then set a practical way to conquer it. Dave Ramsey once said "90% of conquering a problem is acknowledging there is one"”

I couldn’t agree with her more!! I say all the time that fear is not a good reason to stop. Yet still living fearless does not prevent life from bringing disappointments or simple exhaustion but she finds encouragement in “some old fashioned alone time spent with some pen and paper. I journal because I go through hardships and it's easy for me to forget how God brought me out when the next problem arises.” She writes down what she goes through and how God brought her through. Remembering the faithfulness of God pulls her through discouraging times.

 “Especially those days I believe I'll NEVER make it through, it's encouraging for me to look back and see how God was using pain to answer my prayer of wanting to be more like Him, more forgiving, more Holy, more honest etc. I have learned through journaling is absolute sovereignty. He uses every hour, every minute, every second to make us more like Him...if we're attentive to His voice.”

She relies on prayer sessions to push through the walls of life. She has learned to wait on God. When she is stressed and journaling isn’t getting the job done “ some good ol 90's music that I can dance around the house to gets the job done almost always!”

 “There's so much faith involved in faith leaps and pushing through, but there's equal faith in having the strength to be still.”

It is refreshing to meet people who live without fear. People who are going to be who they are designed to be no matter what happens. Dominque truly is one of those women. Like me I hop her story has encouraged you to feel the fear and proceed anyway!! The best advice she has gotten was simple yet needed. “Be Yourself

 “I am a very soft spoken woman but I have a powerful God who goes before me which allows me to walk in faith, boldness and strength and essentially be comfortable with the personality He has given me. We really gotta work with what we got”
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Jacinda Jackson

Jacinda Jackson

Jacinda Jackson is a believer in Christ and a freelance artist who resides in San Antonio Texas. Through the encouragement of friends, she began to sell her drawings in December 2014. 

“I first named my artistry “50 Shades of Jay” as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey.”  As you can assume, I was challenged on this name and eventually shortened it to “Shades x Jay” (pronounced Shades by Jay).”

This up and coming artist finds her worth ­­in Christ, everything else is sinking sand. Jacinda would much rather plant her feet on the solid ground of Christ and His word. Even with the belief in Christ there is still a fight. Jacinda shares what some of her struggles are. She shares that dealing with break-ups is one of the things that she struggles with, along with major career changes, and daily frustrations. These are a few issues. Thankfully the Lord has given her much grace in working through these frustrations of life.

“ Now, I am more focused in where I want my career to go as an artist and I'm more confident in my craft. "

As women we face these same things and Jacinda has some advice. Her advice to women is to see Christ as your ultimate prize.  She says;

“He is who makes you worthy, there is absolutely nothing else that can stand the test of time except for the Gospel of Christ.  He is merciful, it is amazing that He would save any of us.  If we are in Him, we can constantly go to God through Christ in prayer.  Even about our physical insecurities, we can pour out our heart to Him. "

Even with solid faith fear still manages to come in our lives. Jacinda battles her fears through prayer and counsel. She seeks out women who are wiser than she is. She will also look up articles on desiringgod.com. She also uses the medium of writing. She records her thoughts and prayers in her journal and she meditates on scripture.

“It is not always easy, but God meets those who seek Him.”

In life, with all of the ups and the downs we all hit a wall. Jacinda shares what she does when this wall is staring her in the face.

“I sigh, a really LONG sigh.  Maybe drink some coffee and pace around my apartment.  When I want to give up, it is a temptation to give in.  When I confide in a friend about my frustration about wanting to give up, I’m reminded of Christ.  She finds encouragement when prayers are answered, whether it be in my life or in others’. When life is hectic she could draw for hours.

“ I truly escape away into the night, detached from reality. “

Jacinda has the privilege of knowing strong women in her life.  She says that she could name numerous women from her church. Ruby Conway is a wise woman that came to her mind.  She has selflessly sacrificed so many hours to disciple her.  “I cannot thank her enough for the love she has shown me.”   Another woman she looks up to is Nancy Leigh Demoss Wolgemuth.  She is a living example of a woman who maximized her singleness for God’s glory and service.


“A woman is set apart when she sees holiness, meekness, and love as a greater treasure than seeking attention, worldly treasure, and lust.  A woman of honor is adorned in humility; her aspiration is to be Christ-like and to respect her husband as a wife, her elders as a parishioner, her parents as a daughter, her peers as an example, and herself as the temple of the Holy Spirit”

The best advice that Jacinda was given is that . . .

“Christ is the prize, everything else added is just a bonus.” -Ruby Conway
An example why Ruby Conway was so influential in her life. I hope her life and story has encouraged you. Be sure to check out her work and give her some support. 
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Leah James

Leah James

My Name is Leah James. I am a full time Spoken Word artist and Public Speaker. My biggest goal in life right now is to start my own non- profit that would be a source for young people who have lost parents and/or are homeless and things of that nature. I have a very broad vision so I am trying to narrow it down somehow.


Life has a way of teaching lessons whether we want to learn or not. With Leah James in the heart of struggle and hardship purpose was found. One of the things that I love most about life and God is the things that seem to come by way of surprise were always in His plan. Leah never intended to be a poet.

“ I kind of accidentally became a poet. I started writing after my mom died as an outlet and a way to deal with my depression. I never thought I would become a public speaker or that my life would help so many others.”

Leah has experienced a lot of hardship in her life one being the crushing blow of losing a parent. Leah was only 13 years old when her mother passed. She shared that now at the age of 26 she can finally discuss it without feeling death griping at her.

She shares that this pain isn’t a temporary pain.

“ This experience wasn’t just a one-time thing but something that will affect me for the rest of my life.”

 Leah had to teach herself how to be a woman by observing and embracing herself. These experiences have developed a deep love for women.  Her passion pours into life as well her art.  Reflecting on her mother she says

“My mother was the strongest woman I ever came across. I couldn’t be more honored to be her daughter. I watched her over come almost anything you could think of from domestic violence and poverty. Even with black eyes and working herself literally to death she was the epitome of strength because she always put others before herself. She lived her life to help others. To me that is the purest example of woman hood, giving life and preserving it.” 

“I know what it’s like to alone most of my life and to emotionally raise myself I want to make sure I can do whatever I can to help other women who may have had similar experiences or just similar feelings. I hope to do that through my art.  “

Leah almost lost her life at the age of 16. She had a stroke and in this time she I had had severe short term memory loss. She had to re-learn how to learn everything. This was a crucial time in her life and it became her turning point. Through memorizing poetry she fought to re gain her memory.

“ Out of that struggle my life of a spoken word artist was born. Leah James is who I am. So.. I became my brand by surviving.”

In our darkest times we are tempted to lose ourselves our wear the lies that we hear. We can take on the wrong identity because we are lost in the weight of all. Leah has learned to find her worth in herself believing in God. Just like Leah we can spend so much of our time thinking that we are worthless. For Leah these lies came from those who were suppose to protect you. Though it is heart breaking we tend to believe those people. It was in this brokenness that Leah learned how to cry out to God. God answered her prayers fro identity and showed her how to view herself the way the He sees her. She must continue to do this.

“Finding your worth when you felt like you had none as a child can be a life-long process.”

The journey in find self worth can be a scary one. We don’t know what we will face on these path Leah encourages us in that.

“You will be more fulfilled within yourself by doing what they are most afraid of.”
Leah says she was VERY insecure and anxious around people. She was a puppet to her insecurities and would shut down around people. She didn’t try new things because of the belief that she wasn’t good enough. Now you can see her all over the place performing and speaking in a fearless manner. She believes that this came from breaking through her fear. Leah has become aware of what she is capable of and she is bold in that truth. She wants you to take risks.
“Everything you need to succeed is already within you. When you realize that fears dissolves almost instantly.”

If you are having a hard time facing your fears. If you take Leah’s advice and look back on your life and all the things that you have survived, you have already made it through darkness and you can make it through anything else that comes your way. She spends a lot of time practicing self reflection and comparing herself to herself.

“When I see the growth and progress I become fearless. I also remind myself of my faith and who is on my side.”

She is encouraged with “Knowing that after years of fighting my own fears and doubts, I am finally following what I was born to do.” Some times we have to go through some storms and climb some mountains before we are able to do what we are called to do.

When that wall comes. The one we often find ourselves smacking against life the one that stuns. Leah waits.

“I sit there and I look at the wall in front of me. I examine the wall and think of all of the possible ways to get around or over the wall. When I sit and think things through a resolution always comes to me. It’s all about keeping your purpose and passion at the center always.”

“When you take what drives you and make that your main force to keep going there really is no wall to strong to stop you, ever.”


Leah shares what she believes sets us women apart

“A woman’s heart and love for people around her sets her apart. Women are the source of life. No one can enter into life without Gods permission and without coming through a woman. You will tell if a woman is a woman of honor by how she treats others and how she treats herself. I used to put a lot of emphasis on what a woman literally wore to determine if she was a woman of honor or not, because that is what I was taught all of my life basically. But as I grew older it’s not about her outward appearance but about her actions and her care for humanity. “

If you are feeling drained by the craziness try out Leah’s method of de-stressing .

“I spend time alone. That’s the only thing that truly allows me to regroup. After a weekend of speaking engagements, I HAVE to be alone at least for 24 hours to regain my focus and to refill myself. I truly believe having a healthy relationship with your self is one of the most important things in life. Besides talking to God, spending time with myself is the most replenishing thing I could do.”

The best advice she was given has been

“Always compare myself to myself and not others.”

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Bridget Price


Bridget Price

“Fear is something that you have to come to the realization that it doesn’t exist. My tactic for being fearful is when I start to feel fearful about something I deal with it head on. Being fearful is a mindset and once you realize that fear is something you are creating you can get past it.”